The Penns Valley Business Network meets every Wednesday at 8 a.m. at Wynwood House in Centre Hall. Email us for more information.

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The purpose of the Penns Valley Business Network is to bring together individuals interested in professional advancement by exchanging ideas and information with each other. It is not the aim of the network to exchange business between members, that is each members's option, but to find business for each other during the regular activities of our business day.

Public awareness of the network will exist through media promotions, community activities, and member endorsements. Community activities may include sponsorship of local events and other activities agreed upon by the members.

There shall be a President and a Secretary/Treasurer.

PRESIDENT: The President shall conduct the weekly meetings, serve on any committees, and shall be responsible for welcoming new members into the group. The President shall be responsible to see that a featured member and a guest are scheduled for each meeting, other than the business meeting.

SECRETARY/TREASURER: This officer shall keep an active roll of all members, track attendance, and dues payment status. He/She shall maintain the accounts necessary to operate the network and for the payment of the network expenses.

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